Vancouver and beyond…

This adventure is about two people, two bikes and a rough plan to across one big country. It has it’s genesis in another adventure we took with our children about ten years ago which included a bus trip from Kelowna, through the Rockies to Calgary. The majestic mountains captivated us, then a friend told us about the Kettle Valley Railroad, and before you knew it, we were hatching a plan!
Also, I’m incredibly grateful for the legacy of adventure passed on from my mum and dad who have been adventuring all their lives, and continue to still.

Just in case we didn't recognise each other! Mum and dad, always up for a laugh. We had a great day in NZ with family and friends. And then we were Canada bound.

Just in case we didn’t recognise each other! Mum and dad, always up for a laugh. We had a great day in NZ with family and friends. And then we were Canada bound.

It was an easy flight to Vancouver and lovely views as we came in to land. Our bike boxes and other gear arrived also. This is a good start. We hauled the awkward load to a taxi and he managed to pile it all in albeit a little grumpily. The other option was that we’d set up at the airport and ride to our hotel but this turned out to be a very unappealing idea given the lack of sleep. As we left the airport, the heavens opened and the deluge continued most of the journey. The taxi driver warmed up and we especially enjoyed this ride considering the alternative.

We rode from Vancouver across Lionsgate bridge and up to the mighty Grouse Grind. The road out had a good long hill to get us warmed up for this steep little sucker which is up hill every step of the way. Just for the record, We managed it in 58.5 minutes, somewhat shy of the 25 minute record. And we were knackered.

July 1st = Canada Day and we were in for an unexpected treat – a day sailing on English Bay with kind and enthusiastic Kit. Kit was our contact at the ‘have everything’ camping store in Canada, MEC … thanks go out to Paul and Rhonda! We collected various delicious offerings from the excellent Granville Island markets and soon enough we’re out on the bay.


9 thoughts on “Vancouver and beyond…

    • Thanks Rhonda, thanks for all your help with it. I forgot some of the critical stuff but bumbled through! Hopefully it should be more straightforward from here 🙂 having a ball, in Courtney today and it’s HOT. Rivers rule. Hope you guys are going great xx

  1. Well done you’ve made a start. Sorry we missed you before you left. Have a fabulous time and keep posting. We’re watching. Time to get back on our bikes this weekend. Been a bit lazy since being home. xxx Jen & Greg

    • Hey Jen, thanks for your message. Looks like you guys had an awesome time in Europe. We probably passed each other on the freeway! Will try to keep up with the blog. It’s actually fun when I’m not furious with it! Xx

  2. We know someone in Courtney. You should go visit them…How are the bottoms going. We rode to Dunsborough today and Shar is not sitting well. Hope you can catch up with Kate.

    • Hey guys, oh yeah we did that 🙂 great to see her, we had brekkie together this morning and a great old catch up before she went off to work and we jumped on the ferry to Powell River. Bums holding up so far, but the hills are still to come!

  3. looking good Jules and Greg, look forward to reading more and imagining the journey ….oh, and possibly the pain sometimes. Have a great time – don’t imagine there is any doubt about that, Cheers, Greg

  4. Hi Greg and Jules, We (Pony, Jeff, Heather and Norm) are back to civilization at the end of our ride. We are exillarated but sad its over, we had so much fun meeting you all. We are watching for your Rockies update and we hope you are both feeling better

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